Apache Naki 2-Person Camping Tree Tents

Apache Naki 2-Person Camping Tree Tent

Not a fan of traditional tents and hammocks? Well, perhaps you should invest in something that suits your unique style. With the latest advancements in the world of camping, you can now enjoy nights out in the wild in an exciting tree house style tent. This is the perfect option for campers who wish to stay away from creepy crawlies and do not find resting on the ground too comfortable. Don’t think such a tent exists?

Well, you are in luck because the Apache Naki 2-Person Camping Tree Tent is everything you have been dreaming about. The mid-air tent is designed for two people and is unlike anything you have ever seen before.


Some notable features of the Apache Naki include:

  • Unique Elevated Tent Design - The lightweight tent features a unique tree house design. The elevated height allows you and your partner to enjoy the majestic view, away from insects, predators and ground water.
Looking with Binoculars Next to Tree Tent
  • Easy to Assemble - The tent features three hammock straps that can support up to 880 lbs. The floating tent is surprisingly easy to set up for hiking or long-term camping plans.
  • Enclosed Mesh Roof - Rest assured, you do not have to worry about spraying insect repellant all over the tent. The tent features a mesh roof that keeps bugs away. You can enjoy sleeping at night without letting mosquitos, bugs and ticks ruin your life.
  • Waterproof - The Apache Naki features a waterproof roof that protects campers from rain. You can use either entrance to make cohabitating a much enjoyable experience.
  • Includes Industrial-Grade Straps - With every order, the Apache Naki includes industrial grade straps. The built-in ratcheting system helps campers and hikers set up the tent where they want, provided there are trees around.


Some notable pros of the Apache Naki include:

  • Durability - The tent is constructed using high quality materials and is known to last for several years with proper use.
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  • Convenience - The Apache Naki provides convenience to campers as they no longer have to worry about bugs and other creepy crawlies.
  • Sturdy - The Apache Naki is constructed using sturdy material.


Some notable cons of the Apache Naki include:

  • Heavy Weight - The tent packs largely and is heavy. This might make it difficult for campers to transport the tentfrom place to place. However, this is only a problem for backpackers and not campers who have access to a car.


The Apache Naki 2-Person Camping Tree Tent can be bought from Amazon for around $320 with free shipping.

Apache Naki 2-Person Camping Tree Tent on Tree

Our Rating

Gold 4.4 Stars Rating


The Apache Naki is exactly what you need if you are tired of boring old tents. Despite its unique design, the tent is easy to set up and will provide you the comfort you are looking for. The tent is perfect for when you are car camping, headed out to the lake or want to spend the weekend glamping.

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