Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

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If you are new to camping and are headed out on your first trip to a campsite, it is imperative you enlighten yourself on the different types of tents in the market. This will allow you to opt for one according to your needs and environment. Cabin tents are popular options among people who wish to go on a camping trip with their families. However, with several brands in the market, selecting the best cabin tent can become difficult.

When it comes to manufacturing quality camping goods, Coleman is certainly a name you can trust. The Instant Cabin Tent is one of Coleman’s best sellers and is available in 4 different sizes.


Some notable features of Coleman’s Instant Cabin Tent include:

  • Weather Tec System - The Instant Cabin Tent features advanced Weather Tec System ensures you remain dry and comfortable in the tent, regardless of rain or dew.
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  • Vented Rainfly - The tent features a vented rainfly that promotes air circulation, resulting in good air circulation.
  • Coated Polyester Body - The tent features a coated polyester body with anti-wicking properties. This keeps the tent dry and resistant to bad weather.
  • Pre-Assembled Poles - The tent features pre-assembled poles that make the tent easy to set up.


Some notable pros of the ColemanInstant Cabin Tent include:

  • Easy to Assemble - Unlike other tents in the market, the Coleman Weather Master is quite easy to assemble and can be put together in just a matter of 20 minutes or less
  • Sturdy Design - The tent has sturdy steel poles that hold the tent in place against wind gusts. So, unlike other tents, the Instant Cabin Tent is not likely to blow away or collapse.
  • Storage - The tent offers ample storage with two inner pockets on the insides of the tent’s walls. This allows campers to conveniently store small accessories while remaining organized.
Four Sleeping Bags in Coleman Instant Tent
  • Versatility - The tent is suitable for sorts of outdoor activities, including camping or going out on picnics.
  • Several Windows - There are several windows in the tent that promote ventilation and offer campers a more pleasant experience.


Some notable cons of Coleman’s Instant Cabin Tent include:

  • Not Comfortable Enough - Some consumers have complained the tent is not comfortable enough. This problem can be resolved by using a blanket or a comfy sleeping bag.
  • Heavy - Like other family tents, the Instant Cabin Tent too is quite heavy. However, this is not much of a surprise as family tents are not suitable for hikers and backpackers anyway.


The Coleman Instant Cabin Tent is available on Amazon for just under $180 with free shipping.

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Gold 4.3 Stars Rating


Most customers on Amazon were happy with their purchase, making this the perfect family tent for your outdoor adventures. The tent is adjustable and is great for all kinds of family outdoor activities, such as picnics, fishing and especially camping.

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