Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee Tent

Guide Gear Teepee Tent on Grass

Are you an avid camper who needs a change from traditional dome tents? Well, perhaps you should try out the teepee-styled tent, these unique tents are a sight to see and perform well too. They are the perfect choice for backyard camping, overnight trips and brief visits to the wilderness.

The teepee design of the tent offers a lot of room and can accommodate around 6 people. With the comfortable tent, you also save a lot of money as most 6-person tents in the market cost a small fortune. The timeless peak construction will make heads turn in the campsite.


Here are some notable features of the Guide Gear 10x10 Teepee:

  • Teepee Design - These tents are constructed to look like a Teepee and are perfectly designed for people who want a change from original tents.
Guide Gear Teepee Tent Air Vents
  • Fits 6 People - Despite its low price, the Guide Gear 10x10 Teepee fits 6 people and is quite spacious. There is also a lot of room to move around in.
  • Easy Setup - The Guide Gear 10x10 Teepee is fairly easy to set up and hardly takes 20 minutes to assemble.
  • 2 Doors - The Guide Gear 10x10 Teepee features 2 doors that come in handy, especially if you are sharing the tent with multiple people.
  • Includes Carry Bag - The tent features a large carry bag that allows campers to conveniently transport the tent from one place to another.
  • 4 Large Air Vents - The tent features 4 large air vents that promote air circulation and result in good ventilation.


Here are some notable pros of the Guide Gear 10x10 Teepee:

  • Distinctive Design - The unique design draws attention from other camp goers, this automatically improves your camping experience.
Look From Teepee Tent Inside
  • Sturdy Construction - The tent features a sturdy construction and a strong sturdy center pole made using steel. It also acts a great grabbing point for when you are standing. If you set up the tent correctly, it is unlikely it will budge from its spot and will withstand strong winds.
  • Convenience - The tent is overall quite easy to set up and takes an average 20 minutes to assemble. If you are assembling it for the first time, you may require an additional 15 minutes to adjust the guy lines.


Here are some notable cons of the Guide Gear 10x10 Teepee:

  • Not Entirely Waterproof - Though the company claims the tent is constructed using waterproof fabric, many customers have claimed otherwise.
  • Huge Steel Pole in the Middle - The large steel pole in the middle of the tent can make camping a nightmare if you have a lot of equipment and are sharing the tent with multiple people.


The Guide Gear 10x10 Teepee can be purchased on Amazon for around $100 with free shipping.

Guide Gear 10x10 Teepee Tent on Grass

Our Rating

Gold 4.0 Stars Rating


Overall, the Guide Gear 10x10 Teepee is a pretty good tent and is especially useful for campers who do not wish to spend a small fortune on a 6-person tent.

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