Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent

Tent on SUV

Are you and your family headed on an off the road adventure? Well, it is best you invest in a large tent that will provide you the space to relax and unwind. The Rightline Gear SUV Tent is just what you are looking for. The spacious tent allows campers to sleep off the ground while in the comfort of their vehicle.

The large tent can be connected to the back of any vehicle, pick-up truck or wagon. In fact, the tent works well for most vehicles with a rear hatch door, offering campers the convenience they are looking for.


Some notable features of the Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent include:

  • No-See-Um Mesh Windows - The Rightline Gear SUV Tent features no-see-um mesh windows that allow campers to enjoy the cool breeze without worrying about bugs and insects.
  • Water Resistant Fabric - The tent is made using water resistant fabric that protects campers against bad weather and rain.
Rightline SUV Tent
  • Spacious - The SUV tent features spacious rooms that can accommodate up to 4 campers. The tent features large windows and doors, allowing campers to step in and out of the tent with ease.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark-Zippers - The SUV tent features glow-in-the dark zippers that are easy to pull up in even low light conditions. Now you do not have to worry about finding your way around the dark to exits at night.
  • Includes Gear Pockets - The tent features gear pockets that allows campers to store camping accessories and other items to stay organized. The tent also features a stuff sack for easy storage.
  • Weather Resistant - The Rightline Gear SUV Tent is made using durable material, includes a protective rainfly and storm covers for added protection in the rain. Additionally, the tent features 130G polyethylene flooring that ensures the interior stays dry.


Some notable pros of the Rightline Gear SUV Tent include:

  • Versatility - The Rightline Gear SUV Tent is suitable for all sorts of family outdoor activities including camping or going out on picnics.
Rightline Gear SUV Tent
  • Durability - The Gear SUV tent is constructed using high quality materials and is known to last for several years with proper use.
  • Resistant to Bad Weather - The Rightline Gear SUV Tent features moisture-wicking fabric that allows you to have a good time on your camping trip.
  • Spacious - The tent is spacious and provides campers plenty of room to store their camping gear without compromising on comfort.


Some notable cons of the Rightline Gear SUV Tent include:

  • Ineffective Rainfly - The rainfly barely covers the overhead screen mesh. While the tent is overall sturdy and durable, it might not be able to withstand heavy rain and winds.


The Rightline Gear SUV Tent can be purchased on Amazon for around $250 with free shipping.

Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent

Our Rating

Gold 3.9 Stars Rating


Considering the large size of the tent and its reasonable price, the Rightline Gear SUV Tent is a good tent that will not disappoint you. However, it is not suitable for hard weather conditions.

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