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Do you wish your little ones would spend more time outdoors rather than being cooped up inside their rooms? Well, perhaps you should invest in the Wenzel Sprout Kids 2 Person Tent. Apart from taking your kids on camping trips, you can set up the tent in your backyard and watch them race around.

Young boys and girls benefit increasingly from imaginative play and will be ecstatic to set up the tent. This will give your kids a little extra space of their own, where they will be free to play and imagine.


Some notable features of the Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent include:

  • 2-Person Children's Dome Tent - The Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent features a unique dome design that is sure to look visually appealing to kids of all ages.
Kids Playing in Tent
  • Removable Fly - Rest assured, you won’t have to worry about bad weather and dew ruining your kid’s camping experience. The Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent features a removable fly that is resistant to moisture, allowing your kids to have the best camping experience of their life.
  • Shock-Corded Fiberglass Frame - The tent features a shock-corded fiberglass frame that results in easy setup. After a few weeks, your kids will be able to set up the tent on their own without any extra help from you. Be sure to keep an eye on them and lend them a hand!
  • Weather Armor Polyester Fabric - The tent is constructed using moisture-wicking Weather Armor polyester fabric along with a polyethylene floor. This keeps out extra moisture.
  • Mesh Roof Vents - Apart from mesh roof vents, the tent features a closeable mesh door that plays a pivotal role in keeping bugs away. This allows your kids to enjoy a bug-free camping experience.


Here are some notable pros of the Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent:

  • Good Ventilation - The vents and windows promote air circulation, resulting in good ventilation. This means campers do not have to worry about sleeping in a stuffy tent.
Wenzel Sprout Kids Tent Ventilation
  • Comfort - The Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent is made using quality materials that offer added comfort. This drastically improves their camping experience, allowing them to enjoy themselves to their fullest.


Here are some notable cons of the Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent:

  • Easy to Break - While the tent is easy to set up, it is also quite easy to break. This might be a problem if you have over energetic kids.


The Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent can be purchased on Amazon for under $40. 

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Our Rating

Gold 4.4 Stars Rating


Your kids will love you for purchasing the Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent. The tent is all you will need to keep your little ones entertained and prevent them from creating havoc around the house.

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