Your Guide To Living Tents

Living Tents – A Simplistic And Exciting Way Of Live

There’s nothing better than getting away and escaping to the outdoors, with its amazing landscapes, fresh and clean air, and constant supply of things to do.

For most people, a camping trip away on the weekend or for holidays is so enjoyable that they want to make it a permanent part of their lifestyle.

If you’ve been searching for an alternative living base and found that being holed up in an apartment or house with close neighbors and overcrowded streets just aren’t cutting it for you anymore, you may have heard about the trend of living tents.

These tents are intended as permanent solutions for living quarters and they capture all the best things about camping and being outdoors.

There are so many benefits to be had from owning a livable tent, with everything from your health and wellbeing improving to saving yourself thousands of dollars over the years.

If for nothing else, though, the sheer thrill of living in the wilderness and being so close to nature every day is more than enough to convince people to invest in a tent to live in permanently.

What Is A Living Tent?

living tent

So, what is a living tent exactly?

Although there are many variations to these permanent tents, the most simple answer is a camping tent or tent setup that’s intended to be a permanent home.

These tents are a little more detailed than the standard tent you’d use for weekend camping, though, and they’re usually decked out with everything you need to live quite comfortably.

Just as houses and apartment buildings come in different shapes and sizes, so too do these livable tents. There’s something to suit everyone and they can be fully customized to meet your needs.

They have separate bedrooms and living areas, fireplaces, kitchens, and anything you might want to live comfortably in the outdoors.

Best of all, you can even pick them up and change location if you’re feeling like a change of scenery.

These larger style tents are often found in glamping resorts or caravan parks, as permanent fixtures on the ground intended for holidaymakers.

However, with more and more people wanting to get out of the city and enjoy the benefits of living amongst nature, they’re now available for the everyday user who wants to relocate to their tent permanently.

The Benefits Of Livable Tents

benefits of livable tents

If you’ve been considering making the move to a livable tent but aren’t completely sold, it might help to think about the benefits of this type of lifestyle.

When you give up suburban living and move into your very own living tent, you’ll benefit from it.

Improved Health

Studies in all areas of mental and physical health have shown vast improvements for children and adults living with Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and heart health when they spent time in nature.

Reduced Living Costs

When compared to the cost of rent, mortgage, utility bills and more, setting up permanently in a living tent can save you thousands of dollars each year.

Small Carbon Footprint

When you make the change to a living tent and get rid of your high energy-consuming household, you’ll be greatly reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part to ensure our earth stays as green as possible.


Moving into a living tent will force you to simplify your life and help to declutter everything you own, giving you a more peaceful existence without the reliance on so many things.


There aren’t too many houses you could own that can change location whenever you feel like it, but that’s entirely possible when you have a living tent.

These are just a few reasons why people are making the switch to a livable tent, but there’s no end to just how you can benefit from having your very own one to call home.

All you need to do is find or build one that meets your specifications, and you can escape the suburban life for something far more freeing and enjoyable.

Live Permanently In The Outdoors

tents to live in

When you’re ready to make the change and invest in a living tent, there are a few options.

These tents can be custom made to suit your exact needs and specifications if you have the budget to fit it, otherwise, you might be able to come across a second hand one.

As many glamping resorts and eco-friendly lodges use these tents there may be times when they’re looking to sell old stock.

Whether you want to live in the forest, outback or beach, the options are limitless when you own a living tent.

Some people might choose to make a permanent base for themselves whereas others will be happy spending months at a time in new areas and living a more nomadic lifestyle.

With a livable tent, you can do whatever you please, and with everything you need at your fingertips, it’s such an affordable way to live.

The range of living tents is just beginning to widen as more people look for a greener and easier alternative to living in houses and apartments.

Whether it’s a canvas style tent, Alaska house, or something basic, you have so many options in the modern variety of livable tents.

Final Word

When you begin to realize just how many advantages there are to escaping suburbia and setting up permanent camp in the outdoors, you’ll wonder why you didn’t consider it sooner.

As we move toward a more eco-friendly and simplistic lifestyle and rid ourselves of the things that simply don’t matter, these living tents are sure to become a popular choice for residency in the near future.

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